Nothing BUT possibilities

Today I saw a brilliant t-shirt. Stark white with one work in black, bold letters – BUT

And I spotted it on a guy with a giant belly attached to his skinny Armenian married man body, rocking a lit cigarette perfectly balanced on his lower lip.  If he was in the third world squat position sipping an Armenian coffee, I would have passed out.  These are the moments when I curse myself for not having a camera ready at all times.

However, the t-shirt is the real focus here


I’ve grabbed the pearls, seen the light bulb, heard all the words, climbed the mountain.  It’s the wisdom of a thousand smelly hermits perched atop a mountain peak.  Add, who, what, when, where, why, or any variety of profanity, and it all works.  The profanity being the best of course. This one t-shirt as a metaphor for all life from now until eternity.  Thank you belly guy, thank you.


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